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The Wish fulfilling Trinetra Ganesha Temple in Ranthambore, Rajasthan #2

The Trinetra Ganesha Temple in Ranthambore, Rajasthan is one the most renowned and oldest Ganesha temples. This Ganesha temple has been visited for years by Hindus from around the world to worship Lord Ganesh. The temple is famous for granting the wishes of the worshipers.

The Trientra Temple is unique in many ways. The Temple is the only one temple which has an idol of Lord Ganesha with three eyes (tri-Netra) and with the whole of his family i.e.- Lord Ganesh, his wives- Riddhi and  Siddhi and his two sons-Shub and Labh along with the idol of his vehicle- Mushak ( mouse).

As a worship in the temple, there are mainly five types of aartis that take place every day in the temple – Prabhat Aarti –the early morning aarti, Srinagar Aarti- takes place at 9 am,  the Bhog aarti – takes place at 12 noon, the  Sandhya Aarti – at sunset and the Shayan Aarti- taking place at 8 pm.



The temple is frequented by the devotees because of its immensely interesting story. Here’s the story:

Long ago, in 1299 AD, a war took place between the two kings, King Hammer and Alauddin Khilji. During the wartime, they made arrangements for food and stored the food in their godowns, in Ranthambhore Fort.

The war lasted more than the estimated duration and thus the population at Ranthambore was running out of food and other essential things. King Hammer was an ardent worshiper of Lord Ganesha. Realising the King’s his worries, Lord Ganesha came in his dream and said assured the King that all the lacking problems would be over soon. The next day, miraculously, the war came to an end also, the godowns were refilled with all the necessary things.

As a gesture of gratitude, King Hammer established an idol of Lord Ganesh with three eyes (Trinetra) and built the temple in the heart of Ranthambore Fort.


Located at the top of the Ranthambore Fort, the Trinetra Ganesh temple overlooks the tiger inhibited Ranthambore National Park. Along with a huge number of people, the temple is also frequented by white rats, Ganpati’s auspicious mount, and monkeys too.

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