Ganesha Ganesha Temples story

The Wish fulfilling Ganesha Temple in Tamil Nadu, KALPAGA VINAYAGAR #1

The Lord of Wisdom, Ganesha is the most revered God among Indians. Lord Ganesha fulfills all the wishes of his true devotees. There are some places which have a special significance and are said to have a divine eternal presence of the Lord of good beginnings.

With more than 108 names, In Tamil, Ganapati is referred to as Pillayar and Vinayagar, which stands for an incomparable leader. In Tamil Nadu, close to Madurai, there is a 6 feet rock-cut Pillaiyar deity statue amidst a huge open space, made of black stone and covered with gold.

The image of Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar and that of a Siva Lingam was carved out of a stone by a sculptor named Ekkattur Koon Peruparanan around the 4th century AD.

The temple frequented by ardent devotees of Ganesha who come here to seek solace and with a plea to fulfill their wishes. While most temples have Ganapati idol with four hands, this idol is one of those few idols with a two-handed Ganesha. Also, the Ganesha idol here is the valampuri i.e. right-facing trunk. Which is also rare. These attributes are said to signify greater power and it is this great power possessed by the lord that the worshippers are granted their wishes and are blessed with health and wealth.

Temple is cleaned and well maintained all the time because as the legend goes, Ganapati is in valampuri position are angered easily if devotees stray from the rules.

The worshippers are careful about following the rituals and customs while worshipping the idol.

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