Ganesha Temples story

The Beautiful Ganesha Temple on the Alluring and Exotic beaches of Konkan: Ganpatipule!

It is said that God resides in beauty. Well, it is demonstrated by the most beautiful and scenic Lord Ganesha Temple at Ganpatipule. The temple of Ganpatipule is flooded with devotees and tourists every year.

Ganpatipule is the name of the town situated on the beach the Konkan coastline. The temple of Ganpatipule is located right on the virgin beaches and has immense beauty.

The temple is considered very sacred because of the idol. The idol of Lord Ganesha in the temple is said to be a swayambhu idol and is believed to be discovered under the ground over 4000 years ago. Swayambhu literally means self-created or self-incarnated. The idol of Lord Ganesha was naturally formed and is the part of eternal nature. It is due to this fact that the idol of Lord Ganesha is revered and is being worshiped for generations to generations.

Apart from the idol, the pristine beach along the Konkan Coastal line is what makes the atmosphere and the temple more divine. In rainy seasons, the foundation of the temple can be seen spurring from the navel of the idol of the Swayambhu idol, the view is so magical that it enchants every human being and creates an aura of godliness.

Of the many appealing aspects of Ganpatipule, the most beautiful aspect is that the town is far away from commercialization. The simple houses, humble food available, the dark green shades of huge mango trees, and the exotic view created by the tall and lush coconut trees has done an aesthetic justice to the tranquillity of ancient Indian grandeur!

Untouched by commercialism Ganapatipule makes for a great destination for peace-seekers, beach lovers and pilgrim alike. Ganpatipule also has water sports to offer between the months of November-May.

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