Professional life lessons from Lord Ganesha

  1. Do your work faithfully
    We all know, how while guarding Parvati’s bath area, Ganesh wouldn’t let Shivji, his father, enter the bath area and lost his head to Shiva’s rage but later got elephant’s head.
    This teaches us a very important lesson; that is to be honest to our work and do our duties, no matter how small or big sincerely
  2. Innovate and think out of the box
    The story goes, once Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya were challenged by their parents to run three times around the world. The one who completes the task would get a miracle fruit. Kartikeya left immediately on His peacock. Ganesha was in a fix as He couldn’t do the same with His mouse. So, He went three times around His parents and said that they mean the whole world to Him. Thus, Ganesha earned the miracle fruit with His presence of mind and limited resources.
    This story teaches us that to be successful in our tasks, we need to find newer and better ways to do it and think out of the box.
  3. Keep your powers in control
    Despite having tremendous powers, lord Ganesha is humble and keeps in control of his powers. The rolled trunk of the lord is the symbol of how he controls his powers by wielding it.
  4. Treat your colleagues and subordinates with nothing but respect
    Lord Ganesha is an epitome of humbleness and kindness. Consider the lord’s ride! The gigantic lord of knowledge and wisdom rides on a tiny and feeble animal, rat. This shows that the lord respects and trusts individuals irrespective of their status and might.
    This is a very important virtue to be working with in a team.
  5. Trust yourself and no matter what be positive and keep smiling
    The almighty lord was beheaded, this tusk broken with an axe but among all the adversities he never lost hope and took everything as it came very courageously. His pot belly and elephant face always made him stand out but that only made the god  stronger and wiser.

There’s no point in time that lord Ganesha is without a smile on his face and that is what makes him invincible.

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