Ganesha Temples story

Mooti Dongri, Jaipur : Ganesha Temple with beautiful Scottish Architecture.

Situated in Jaipur, the MootiDoongri Ganesha temple is always flooded by devotees. Moti Doongri is a hill around the city of Jaipur. Moti literally means pearl and dongari means hill. The Moti Dongri appears resembles the shape of a pearl drop hence the name.

Jaipur is known for its grandeur. Everything in Jaipur is grand, from its palaces and hotels to its temples. Even the laddoos offered at Moti Dongri temple are huge. Yes, laddoos! Of all the offerings the devotees make, the mootichur laddoos are very fascinating. Some mootichur laddoos offered even weigh about a kilo. During Ganesha Chaturthi, the locals, as well as tourists, visit the temple with great devotion and huge ladoos . The ladoos are then distributed as Prasad in the temples and the devotees share them among themselves.

Apart from the wish-granting Ganesha idol, another attraction for the tourists is the mela/ fair that is organized on every Wednesday on the temple ground. Visitors go to pay home age to the Lord of Wisdom. This temple was built by Set H Jai Ram Paliwal, in the early 18th century. According to a legend, the King of Mewar was traveling from his expedition towards his palace. I had been a long journey on a long journey and the king was carting a massive Ganesh idol on a bullock cart. The king had decided that he would build a temple for the auspicious idol of Lord Ganesh wherever the bullock cart stopped.

That place where the king decided to rest, was apparently the foot of the Moti Doongri, and there was the temple built which still stands there! There is also a palace right on the top of the temple. It looks like the replica of a Scottish castle where Maharaja Sawai Man Singh resided. Even today the castle belongs to the royal family. The castle and the mountains around give a very exotic and royal surrounding to the temple. The temple spread over two kilometers comprises of three domes. The temple offers a glimpse of modern Indian architecture.

The temple is carved out of stone and has some beautiful latticework consisting of mythological images which are engraved on the marble. For art lovers this view is breath-taking. Next time you are in Jaipur, pay a visit to the Mooti Dongri temple and seek blessings of Lord Ganesha.

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