How Ganesha brought the river Cauvery to life.

Once upon a time, there was a learned sage named Agastya. He lived in south India and desired to create a river in the south. He sought the blessings of Lord Brahma and Shiva to accomplish this task. He was looking for an appropriate location to offer water to the southern lands. While searching for a suitable location, the Sage then reached the mountain ranges at Madikeri also called as Coorg now.There, Agastya wanted to relax so he sat on the mountains.

All of a sudden a crow sat on his kamandalam and it toppled. Enraged Agastya lifted his hand to shoo away the crow. As the water from the kamandalam fell on the ground, Agastya got very angry and went after the crow to kill it. The crow flew and at a distance took its original form. The crow was none other than Lord Ganesha.

Curious Agastya asked Lord Ganesha that why he did so. To which Ganesha replied that “I knew Lord Shiva had filled your kamandalam with sacred water and this is the perfect spot for a river to flow in the south India”

River Cauvery took it as a signal for her & began to flow.

Second Version of the story:

When Agastya came down to the south the river Cauvery earlier called as Pooni, was disrespectful to him. To avenge the Cauvery river, Agastya imprisoned the entire river in his kamandalam. Ganesha received Narada’s request to free the river. Ganesha took the form of a crow and toppled the kamandalam to set the river free. Ponni was then given a new name, Cauvery (Kaveri).

Thus the south India’s most sacred river began to flow from the Coorg ranges.

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