Did you know about Ganesh and Tulsi’s tiff?? Here’s the story..

Apart from having rich medicinal values, the herb Tulsi holds a very important place, in Indian mythology. Every Hindu household has tulsi plant at its entrance. Flowers have fragrance only after blooming, but Tulsi is one plant which is completely fragranced; seeds, leaves, stem, roots- every part of the plant has fragrance. The soil in which it grows also acquires the smell of the plant.

There’s an interesting story about the Tulsi and its importance:

Tulsi, the plant was earlier a beautiful maiden. Once she saw Ganesha. Owing to his impeccable charm, she instantly fell in love with him and desired to marry him.

While on the other hand, Ganesha was a bachelor (in accordance with some legends) and did not confine to her desire. This enraged Tulsi and she cursed him that he would one day break his celibacy.

This curse compelled Ganesha to curse her in return, that Tulsi would end up marrying a demon and later, turn into a plant. Tulsi realized her mistake and pleaded Ganesha of mercy. Ganesha took back his curse and said that “Although you’ll be a plant you’ll be the most fragrant of all plants”, he continued saying, “your fragrance will please everybody and your leaves will be specially used to worship Lord Vishnu. But Tulsi, you will never be present when I am worshiped.”

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