Ganesha story

An interesting story of how Lord Ganesha killed Kubera’s ego..

Kubera, God of Wealth, was famous for two things; his richness and his pride. To exhibit his wealth, Kubera decided to host a lavish dinner. He made s list of all the Gods and famous people from the world to invite them to the dinner. His list also included Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Lod Shiva and Parvati could not attend the gathering and so to honor Kubera’s invitation they send Lord Ganesha, who was then a small boy. When Ganesha entered, Kubera mocked him thinking that such a small boy will never be able to understand the grandeur with which the dinner was organized.

Ganesha instantly sensed what Kubera thought. He thought of teaching Kubera a lesson. Ganesha began to devour all the food that was available and soon there was no food available for other’s to dine.

Devoid of food, Ganesha than began to eat the vessels, dishes, furniture and other things at Alakapuri, Kubera’s city. On destructing everything, Ganesha announced that he will eat the host of the dinner to subside his hunger. This terrified Kubera and he ran to Lord Shiva’s abode to seek his help.

Lord Shiva calmed Kubera and promised Kubera that he will look after Ganesha. Lord Shiva handed a cup of roasted cereals to Ganesha and his hunger for food ceased immediately.

On asking that why Ganesha acted so, he replied, Kubera has the pride that he has ample of money and can buy anything he wants. But he can’t even fulfill the hunger of a small boy like me.

Lord Kubera realized his mistake and sought forgiveness for his pride.

This simple story gives us the biggest moral that :

Do not be proud of what you possess. Instead, concentrate on how you can make use of your possession for good things.

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