5 types of modaks you must have this Ganpati season to savour your tongue!

I bet there’s one thing you have in common with our Bappa and that is the undying love for modaks. From kids to elders, as we wait for Bappa to come home we all also secretly await to have our favourite modaks. Modak being the most popular and the most experimented sweet on Ganesh Chauturthi, we bring to you some of our favourite varieties you can savor.

  1. Ukadiche modak

These Modaks are authentic Maharashtrian specialty. Ukadiche modaks are steamed, stuffed with fresh coconut and jiggery and would just melt in your mouth as soon as you have one. One is never enough.

  1. Fried modaks

If you enjoy the Ukadiche modaks, you will definitely enjoy its fried version. These are stuffed with coconut and jiggery and deep friend in pure ghee.  These modaks make you believe in Lord Ganesha a little more everytime you have them.

  1. Chocolate modak

 What could be better than chocolate in your modak? Just stuff your ukadiche or fried modaks with chocolate, or simply mould chocolates in the form of a modak. This is the most kids and  youngster friendly variety of modaks

  1. Peda modak

The peda modak is another very famous delicacy very easily available. There are various varieties kesar peda mopdak, pakka peda modak, elaichi modak. Go to the market pick your favourite flavour and serve it to the lord and enjoy it with your friends.

  1. Flavored modaks

Chocolate, Gulkand, rose, strawberry, pista, orange, mango, you name the flavour and you get modaks of that flavour. Satisfy your taste buds with any variety you want.

Can there be any Prasad better than modaks? Hard to find. This Ganesh Utsav cut doen on your meals and enjoy more of modaks.

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