Ganesha story

What’s the story behind Lord Ganesha’s marriage? Who were Riddhi and Siddhi? Read on. . .

Everybody’d beloved God, Ganesha’s marital status has ever been disputed. Some Hindu scriptures consider Lord Ganesha to be a bachelor and free of all consorts. While some scriptures have a completely opposite view about Lord Ganesha’s marriage and claim that he led a happy married life.. Take a look:

Being Elephant-headed, no girl was ready to marry him and this bothered Ganesha. Knowing that all the other God’s consortium while he had none enraged Ganesha. He started creating problems in the marriages of Devas (demigods). He asked rats to dig up holes on the path through which wedding procession of any Deva would go to the bride’s house. The Devas faced innumerable problems in their weddings.
Seeing their son creating trouble and upset with his condition, his worried parents, Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati rushed to Lord Brahma. To solve the issue, Lord Brahma agreed to solve the problem. He created two girls, called them Siddhi and Riddhi and called them his daughters. Lord Brahma asked Lord Ganesha to marry them. Lord Ganesha happily got married to both of them and led a happy life.

In Hinduism, every divine being consists of male and female avatars and there is a special significance of every creature created by Lord Brahma and so is the significance with Riddhi and Siddhi.

Siddhi means spiritual power and Riddhi denotes prosperity. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi or any occasion involving praying of Lord Ganesha, it is important to invoke Riddhi and Siddhi as well. Although prosperity and spiritual power are qualities of Lord Ganesha, it is only after invoking the names of his wives.

It is also a popular belief that before getting married, it is necessary Lord Ganesha by performing some rituals. If the lord is not pleased, then he might cause trouble in the marriage as he caused in the demi-Gods weddings.


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